What is a Bravery Bag?


The best thing that happened to me during this dumb battle was my cancer connection group. I have met the most amazing men and women. We have all formed a bond on various social media sites and consider our friendship more like a family. Most of these people I have never had any contact with except on these sites, I won’t meet more than half of them. Yet I cannot imagine my day without being in contact with them. Some rock Stupid Dumb Breast Cancer shirts even though they didn’t have breast cancer just to show support!


I met one lady named Heather Owens, Fighting Fancy we call her. She sent me a bag filled with things to lift a cancer patient’s spirits. Heather has a great thing going because I know so many that have received this bag just when they needed it, mine came the day before my hysterectomy and made me feel like I was not alone, like someone was actually thinking about me that I have never met. It made me feel stronger. Please check all the great things this inspiring young woman has done! http://fightingfancy.com/


I have chosen to not just sit by and wait as women and men are still BATTLING breast cancer. I am NOT a scientist nor have any desire to get into research. I want to help people in my own community, to show them that some random person not only gets it, but is thinking of them. The bags are sent through my local cancer centers here in Syracuse, NY. The Girl Scout Troops and other "Caring Kids" have made blankets, bracelets and cards. The bags are made by my friend Amy at Wear Yours , she fought breast cancer too. There are photocards made from my friend in the Netherlands Ciel, check her blog out. Beautiful hand stamped notecards that we sign are from my girlfriend's mother in law, too.  ALL my shirts are made local at Ward Sales.  All the items are sent from all over the world filling the bag with love and support! Look at the Facebook page for all the pictures of the bags being made and stuffed and passed out! https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.566332860100554.1073741831.399872816746560&type=3



Want to help? Add items to the bags by purchasing things on Amazon and we will stuff the bags! Spread some smiles no matter where you are. Check out our Amazon Wish List to find out what we put in them.